Chairman Riyaale and his not very publicised records!

Chairman Riyaale and his not very publicised records!

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Establish Marriages

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From the one of the server I’m managing the hltv techniques timed out as it requires too long for connecting to the host.

Towards begin hltv start good proces with the linux and connects so you’re able to the new servers. New linux proces try connecting for the hlds cs step 1.6 servers, offers upwards after a couple of mere seconds and you may kills the new proces itself. This new hltv such as on cs step one.six server is actually would love to talk to the new proces and timed out just after a moment approximately.

So you can partially solve it I have set “sleep 10” on the linux business program: they starts hlds, wait 10 mere seconds then start hltv. Which really works best except to your map changes.

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Better Jamaican girls for marriage guy is not an effective HLDS situation, the fresh particular Steam HLTV get this insect, it injuries on chart changes.

The best choice was have fun with ReHLDS (New HLTV that include ReHLDS), set it up in other folder it can really works perfect, no further injuries.

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